January 26, 2022
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What are the qualities of a good HR software implementation partner?

Written by
Angel Lim

Finding the right HR software is important, but the software implementation partner is just as consequential.

Your HR software provider may have looked great on paper, and you have decided to hire their services for the next five years.  

However, this is the part where most people make a big mistake and immediately regret it — they didn’t go for a quality software implementation partner!  

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the complex software issues, yet you can get anyone to help, so the list goes on.

Every month you are stuck in the vicious cycle of handling the mounting paperwork and working overtime because the current HR processes are too tedious.  

Signs it’s time to switch HR software implementation partner

Don’t settle for feeling unsupported by your HR software provider. If you decide it’s time to move away from your current vendor, watch out for the following red flags and really switch to a new HR software provider!

Frequent delays.

It may be time to switch if you experience significant delays. Yes, delays happen from time to time, but too much will not only cost you more money, but potential customers as well.

Overshooting budget.

Some companies fail to make proper estimates and run the business without effective budgeting. If budget overruns happen frequently, it’s time to find a new partner.  

Lack of availability.

How difficult is it to get in touch with your implementation partner’s team? There must be an open line of communication at all times. If you feel like you’re in the dark, maybe it’s time for a change.

No fixed vision.

Does your partner focus solely on the implementation process and ignore the outcome? You may want a new partner who can more reliably achieve and sustain the current vision.

it’s time to switch HR software implementation partner
Too much delay not only will cost you money, but also your customers.

If you ignore these signs, you won’t get as much value from your HR solution as you would from working with a partner that meets your business needs, meets industry challenges, and drives productivity and profitability.

Look out for these traits to find a great software implementation partner!  

1. Experienced and professional, verifiable via references

When searching for the right software implementation partner, look for partners with a strong track record of success. Talk to their past customers to attest to the quality and timeliness of the partner’s work.  

Find out how long the implementation took, how it felt working with the partner, how the project budget played out, and how satisfied they are with the results.

2. Able to deliver on time within budget

A good, experienced partner will know who to engage, when to engage them, and how best to do it at different points in the process. Be sure to select the partner of choice to help provide the skills and capacity for your HR software implementation.

More specifically, the partner should help align the scope of work and budget upfront. Lay out implementation plans and set milestones for the more challenging aspect, like data migration.

Carefully select your HR software implementation partner
Discuss scope of work with your implementation partner before getting into the project.

3. Industry-specific knowledge

Having an implementation partner who understands your industry makes the entire implementation process smoother, especially if the partner has previous implementation experience in similar industries.  

Look for a partner who not only presents themselves as an expert in your industry but who can select a solution that meets your unique business needs and fills the gaps that matter most.

4. Technical expertise

Not all HR software implementation partners are the same. Some may specialise in certain types of software, while others are experts in software for specific industries.

If a potential partner is helping you implement a range of HR software modules, the implementation team should have the relevant expertise and experience. Otherwise, no matter how good the software is, it cannot help you achieve your business goals.

5. Impressive track record

choose a partner with an established track record
Check your partner’s track record before making a decision.

You will use the HR software for many years to come. There will be many upcoming updates and changes to the technology that could be impacting your business.  

Ask questions along the way, whether big or small. Investigate their track record. Be sure to check their background and finances, choose a company with an established track record, and is there when you need it, even if it’s not for another ten years. If yes, then you are in good hands!

6. A dedicated team

First, you need to understand the expectations of your HR software implementation. How is the team? How will it work even before the project starts? How long does the implementation take? Is training provided?  

Be sure there is a clear plan and timeline for all the people involved to follow, so you don’t fall behind on the desired go-live date. A true implementation partner will diligently map out the processes to ensure the most effective deployment of the HR software.  

ensure the most effective deployment of the HR software
Map out the implementation processes to ensure effective deployment of HR software.

Don’t be stuck with a bad software implementation partner  

Change can be scary, but staying with the devil you know can be so much worse! Even though choosing the right HR software is crucial for your business, you could end up with the wrong partner.  

Good HR software can underperform in the wrong hands. It’s worth investing more time deciding on a software implementation partner, so you don’t have to switch again.

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