Global payroll system done right

Ditch the manual payment process. Start paying your employees more efficiently with an unfussy, easy-to-use payroll system so you can spend more time on what's more important.

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Payroll System anytime, anywhere

Faster, easier payroll system locally and globally

Never again will you have to worry about paying your employees abroad from the headquarters. The global payroll system can pay your employees on time with minimal errors from across the globe into one place!

Streamline all payments

Manage payroll across multiple countries to help keep everything organised where you have local entities, without in-house administration.

Always compliant

Localise compliance with payroll regulations and labor laws is absolutely critical to minimise the risk of fraud and other irregularities.

Access to full visibility

A complete view of your pay calculations by keeping control of global payouts across all operating regions done in-house or outsourced.

payroll management system

Payroll system that pays instantly

It’s so advanced, that it’s actually simple to pay your employees.

Support Integration

Customise your payroll system that supports seamless integration with existing accounting software, so you won’t have to juggle too many systems simultaneously.

Unified pay and time

With a combination of the global payroll system and time tracking data, you can access and work on payroll data anytime during the pay period.

Tax management

Automatically calculate, withhold, and file supported taxes, including multi-jurisdictional (state/local) taxes to simplify the effort of managing taxes.

Global Payroll Management

Payroll features

Get the right payroll system for your business, built for a better experience, more productive and accurate payments.

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Always Up-To-Date

Constantly update on contribution rate and other policy changes according to statutory regulations.

Unlimited Pay Elements

Create as many payroll items as you need. Just choose whether it’s an allowance, deduction, or reimbursement.

Payslips On The Go

Digitalise payslips. Employees can view and download their itemised payslips from their mobile.


Generate different reports to help you review and compare a wide variety of payroll data for your business.

Flexible Payroll Amendment

Amend a payroll mistake with the revert payroll feature without reprocessing it again.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access past payslips, payment details and  taxes in the payroll system.

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"The whole process was seamless. They were patient to address many of our concerns with the system. Though it was a long process, we had a really good time working together and TalearnX has brought a happy learning environment to my team. "

Jessica Cristalia,
Talent Management Lead,

Finally, a great global payroll system for remote teams.

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