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business pain points

Goodbye problems, welcome hassle-free

Using multiple systems

Modern, world-class global HRIS will streamline all HR processes in one system for all countries.

Slow, inefficient reporting

Don’t wait for days to generate HR reports, you run the risk of getting outdated information of the company.

Non-compliant labour law

You risk losing business credibility and employees’ trust if you do not abide by the state laws and regulations.

Bad employee experience

The frustration of waiting times and regular visits to the HR department can worsen employee experience at work.

your no #1 hr software

Global HRIS that simplifies your HR processes

No more spreadsheets, file stacks, and mistakes in your HR processes! A global HRIS software digitises information, reduce errors, maintain employee compliance, and save businesses time and money.

Boost productivity

HRIS helps recruit, hire, and train new employees as quickly as possible so they can effectively fill new roles.

Ensure greater compliance

Complete all HR documents on time and be readily available for government audits and legal matters.

Empower your employees

Let employees take charge of their work life by having direct access to view and manage their own data and activities.

Global HRIS for Your employees

Excellence for people in business

We care about your success by offering sensible global HRIS solutions to your tough HR problems, because people matters.

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Global Payroll System

Modern, cloud-based payroll function for all locations that are compliant globally via one system.


Gain key insights of employee data from turnover to benefits eligibility to payroll.

Employee Location Monitoring

Covers geolocation restrictions, selfie clock-ins and ensure employees are physically at your worksite.


Allow employees to update their own personal data without going through HR admin.

Employee Record Management

Everything in one place so it is easy for employees to access all information.

Document Management

Store all your files in one place so you don’t have to search around for information.

Our Services

Connect globally like no local HRIS can

Effectively manage your global workforce with cutting-edge technology that streamlines your HR processes.


A cross-border payroll system that readily calculates the hours and salaries with no errors.


Leave management allows employees to apply for leaves and managers to approve instantly.


Allows you to scan your claim receipts and capture them into the claims management system.

Time & Attendance

Manage all aspects of employees’ time through touchless time and attendance system.

Feel like you’re wasting time on your HR tasks?

Our friendly consultants will guide you through the best HR practices that adapt to your business needs.

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