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Automatically track employees’ hours from clock-in to paycheck.

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Time & Attendance software on the go

Time & Attendance software — spend minutes tracking hours

A view of your team’s work hours on one screen, making it easy to see any missing information or mistakes.

Simple time-tracking

Whether they are remote, at the office, or at sites, now you can keep a record of their working hours when they clock in or clock out.

Payroll integration

Provide accurate attendance data for the payroll cycle that can be used to rapidly and accurately calculate salary and other benefits.

Attendance metrics

No more manual data entry, syncing issues — automatically track employees’ hours from clock-in to overtime.

Time & Attendance management

Simple time & attendance tracking

Acessible for employees to clock in and out, anytime, anywhere.

Geofence location with GPS

Set a geofence location boundary when your employees clock in or clock out.

In sync with payroll

Easy and approved overtime hours directly into the monthly payroll. Overtime hours paid to employees will appear in payslips.

Elimination of missed clock-ins

Verify the correct working hours of the employee to stay compliant with labour laws based on your entity's location.

Global Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance features

Track employee hours, organise shifts in complicated work areas, and automate many administrative tasks along with many other benefits.

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Working Hours Summary Report

Month end summary of lateness, OT hours, allowances, deductions and leaves type.


Allow employees can clock into different work sites within the same day.

Sync to Payroll

Transfer overtime hours to payroll easily for overtime payments.

Approval Workflow

Review and approve time change requests, and overtime records through the dashboard.

Employee Self-Service

Let employees keep track of time and easily clock in and out.

Global Time Reporting

Generate attendance reports for local entitites to view overtime, lateness and more.

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