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Got an HR software? Check. Set business goals? Check. Now it’s time to see how well the software works for you and how to best configure it for your business needs.

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business pain points

The software itself won’t do the job for you

Misaligned expectations

Being over-promised will cost more than expected, especially when selecting the wrong system with steep hidden costs.

Lacks support after go-live

Missing out on new features and updates will risk losing business data and systems crashing.

Poor adoption and bad ROI

Failing to make full use of HR software restricts your ability to perform daily tasks and grow the business.

No integration

You waste time manually entering data without proper integration to back-end system.

HR software implementation at your service

A smooth HR software implementation that helps you move forward

Your HR system isn’t going to work without proper implementation. Make sure you’re working with a reliable provider and is always there to support your business strategy.

Happy clients

High net promoter scores (NPS) and positive feedback from clients. In 2021, 50% of our clients returned to us for additional modules and services.

Regional experience

Our team is adept at implementing regional HR systems based on unique requirements in different countries.

Dedicated customer care

Go the extra mile to translate the complex theories into layman's terms to make the implementation an enjoyable process.

Help with user adoption

Recommend actions to be taken to tackle any possible roadblocks when introducing a new system to your employees.

No overpromising

We make sure to meet 80% of your business requirements before signing a project by clearly stating the expectations and limitations.

Competent consultants

Undergo rigorous training to ensure they are proficient in multiple modules and project management, do skill checks regularly to learn the latest system upgrades.​


The 4 HR software implementation phases



Meet the implementation team. We want to understand what you want to achieve and plan the project within a set time frame.



Let's get into business! Explain your business needs in detail, and we will guide you along the way to explore the basic functionalities.



Start getting your hands dirty! It's the time when you can finally have hands-on practice to configure and design workflows in the system.



We will help you resolve any issues that may arise along the way to understand the system’s overall functionalities and behaviour.

proven Track Record

Our customers are our best advocate

We are proud to work with the most renowned companies and experienced leaders to realise the full potential of talents with cutting-edge HR technology.

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An extensive list of projects ranging from learning, performance, recruitment, integration, and more.


Countries Implemented

Covers most of South-East Asian countries, China, US, and parts of Europe.


Customer satisfaction

Our clients are satisfied and give us positive feedback between 80% or 90% out of 100%.


Returning clients

Can only be achieved with a strong foundation of trust and quality work.


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